About us


To set ablaze the heart of believers and ministers from all nations by the empowerment of the holy spirit through Jesus Christ in fellowship, worship, prayer and ministration of the word of God.


The purpose for which this corporation is organized are:

  1. To plan and carry out conventions, seminars, workshops, conferences on different aspects of Christian experiences
  2. To address different issues facing  the Christian family
  3. To provide a wholesome environment where Christians can engage in worship and study of God’s word that will help them in their Christian walk
  4. To encourage, engage and extend the teachings of Jesus Christ as it ministers to the whole person
  5. To encourage and equip Christian to become effective believer and worker in the local church, their Christian walk and ministry
  6. To encourage and teach total dependence on the ministry of the Holy Spirit in every aspect of Christian experience
  7. To engage in other Christian, educational, charitable and literary activities which in the judgment of the Board of Directors is consistent with objectives of the Hears Ablaze Ministries International


To encourage all believers through the preaching and sharing of the full gospel of Jesus Christ in order to become effective workers in all places and at all times.